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Project Managers, Stay Abreast of Project Failure Signs

You can identify project failure signs if you proactively search for them. You must analyze project success potential and ensure that the team is working per the plan. Once you are done with the project, it is sensible to review and derive lessons to implement in the next project. If you fail to do these steps, you will keep repeating the same mistakes in every upcoming project. In this article at Herding Cats, discover how to locate project failure signs before top executives doubt your project management skills.

Project Failure Signs to Note

Some challenges in your projects are predictable, while others you inherit from previous projects or collect on the way. Regardless of how you come by these issues, you must know how to tackle them as much as possible. Stay prepared for project failure signs with these estimates:

Work on Your KPPs

If you do not meet the minimum benchmark of the key performance parameters (KPPs), your project is heading towards a disastrous end. Since all of them carry a value that enables your project success, you cannot ignore them. You will find KPPs in documents for operational requirements, capability development, and capability production.

Understand the KSAs

Though crucial, key system attributes (KSAs) provide an extra layer of ‘capability prioritization’ after KPPs. However, the KSAs are not linked to any KPP; neither do several key system attributes make for a key performance parameter. So, depending only on KSAs will not help you figure out project failure signs.

What Are MOEs?

Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) convey how efficiently you have completed a task with a given system. You can measure the effectiveness by collecting the data from when you used the system in its existing processes. Set up the range for red, yellow, and green signs to track your progress. If asked as a query or statement, MOE results declare how successful you have been in achieving something against the cost of performing it.

Go with the Measures of Performance

MOPs are underlings of the MOEs mentioned above. Measures of performance allow you to describe the accuracy of how well the system worked. Sometimes, the MOE needs more accurate results to understand system performance, and MOPs provide the data. Multiple measures of performance can link back to a single MOE.

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