Leverage Naysayers to Lead the Change

Do you feel stressed to lead the change when too many people say nay? Worry not. No is a powerful word, and employees often use to resist any change. Their fear of becoming redundant makes them skeptical. Also, humans are habitual living beings and like to keep things as they are. Being a leader, you know change is the only constant in life. So, you embrace it instead of brushing it under the carpet. However, how can you expect others to behave as you do? Here are a few tips that Greg Satell has provided in this DigitalTonto article.

Lead the Change Amidst Opposition

Organizations should come across massive transformations soon. You are the chosen few to lead the change. So, have all the answers ready before stakeholders barrage you with queries. Let’s find out how you can lead the change:

Build a Sense of Belonging

People might not support your cause if they do not feel connected to it. No matter the consequences, you have to make them wear it with pride. How do you do that? You have to understand the human psyche first. Give them a reason to resonate with the change. For instance, if they accept working with AI, they get more analysis done in a short time. Collect like-minded people to influence them and then start broadening the circle. You need your support group to lead the change.

Befriend the Non-believers

While there are staunch non-believers, you might find some stakeholders sitting on the fence. You need to convince them to support you when you lead the change. Sometimes, your worst critic shows where you are lagging. When they question your vision, find out the areas they disagree with you. Give them food for thought and space to think.

Let the Critics Pour In

Any publicity is good for promoting ideas. So, critics might try to embarrass you by posing awkward questions in front of influential stakeholders. Instead of being upset, stay prepared with answers. Give them insights that you know can dismantle their viewpoints. Also, have your supporters by your side to further establish your vision.

Critics Are Your Best Teachers

Critics will find flaws where you and the supporters fell short of. So, let the feedback flow to fortify your strategy and lead the change. The more mistakes they point to, the closer you get to perfect your scope of change. Brands like Amazon send out hundreds of feedback and survey forms to be successful in product development. Similarly, create a water-tight argument that all should listen to.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.digitaltonto.com/2020/how-to-leverage-opposition-to-your-advantage-and-drive-change-forward-forward/

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