IT Roles Necessary for Digital Transformation

Though organizations were undergoing digital transformation, they need sufficient IT roles to overcome the COVID-19 impact. Digitization was still a topic of debate when the pandemic made it a necessary means of survival for businesses. So, organizations had to transform their business model that would support digital interactions and transactions. Some IT roles have now become important for such drastic digital transformation efforts. In this article at InformationWeek, David Karandish shares five IT roles that are gaining traction today.

IT Roles to Survive the Crisis

Once you have migrated to digital platforms, you cannot stop. You must continuously add more layers to your digital business, upgrade the tools, train people, and integrate more IT roles. Here are the specialists you need for continuous digital transformation:

Upgrade with Cloud Specialists

It is one of the critical IT roles for continuing your business online. They help to move your key components to the cloud. Since most of your employees are not used to the cloud services, these specialists help resolve doubts, issues, and system lags.

Reuse with System Integrators

You have undergone digital transformation with limited resources. So, you cannot buy new licenses, systems, or tools. Here is where the system integrators come in. They enable you to work with older systems by integrating them with the new applications.

Guard with InfoSec Experts

As the number of cybercrimes rises and evolves, these InfoSec experts become some of the essential IT roles for organizations. They help you establish standards that industries recognize and maintain protocols to secure yourself from cyberattacks.

Add Value with Data Analysts

You can gather various information from your processes and functions now. To get real value from such data, you must know how to leverage it. Data analysts create the bridge so that you can derive insights for your decision-making process.

Simplify with UX Designers

These professionals help make software adapt to you rather than the other way around. How can you work with an application that has a complicated user interface or hangs often? The UX designers make your life a tad easier by simplifying the frontend for users.

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