Is It Daunting to Deal with Underperforming Employees?

If some of your team members aren’t performing well, it will certainly bring down the morale of your team and have a negative impact on the overall goals of your business. Both project managers and underperforming employees must find a solution to the issue. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Liz Kislik provides tips for managers to deal with underperforming remote employees.

Ways to Deal with Underperforming Employees

Set Clear Expectations

“Take the opportunity to reconsider what you want most from the employee, and why you feel you’re not getting it,” says Liz. Review your recent directives and determine whether your communication about what is expected from your team members is consistent and clear from the beginning. If an underperformer’s struggles come from specific skill deficits, lack of business or organizational acumen, or insufficient experience, then provide them with the right training. Though this may be challenging in a remote environment, it is too risky to wait until you return to the office to provide the training they need.

Draw a Roadmap for Improvement

Employees who consistently underperform will need help to determine how to do their job better. Therefore, you must draw a performance roadmap with manageable and clear goals to get them on the path toward greater productivity. Draw a roadmap with clearly delineated small steps. Once your underperforming employees achieve these goals, they feel more engaged and ready to handle bigger work responsibilities.

Understand What Motivates Your Employees

You must stay in regular touch with underperforming employees to keep them on track. Ask them questions, such as:

  • Where would you like to see your career headed in the next year?
  • What are your long-term goals?
  • What are your plans to support your team members in a better way?

This will provide you with a clear picture of employee’s motivation, and you can assign the roles and responsibilities accordingly.

No manager wants to deal with performance problems. However, as a leader, you must learn to deal with underperforming employees in practical ways. Click here to read the original article and be better equipped to deal with a performance issue professionally.

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