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How to Successfully Lead a Remote Team?

Remote work is common in today’s workforce. Remote teams will be a significant benefit to a company only if the managers and leaders are competent enough to deal with them. The traditional approaches of an organization won’t work in a remote setting, anymore. There is a profound change in dynamics between the employee and the manager. In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Epsy explains some of the challenges of managing remote teams and tips to overcome them.

Ways to Manage the Challenges of a Remote Team

Tracking Work and Productivity

Many managers are unclear about how much work the remote team accomplishes and at what rate. Therefore, remote managers must establish ways to track productivity for all employees. As a manager, implement metrics to evaluate the amount of work that your team members must complete each day. Ensure to set clear expectations with regards to how and where your team works.

Building Trust

Managers worry that their team members aren’t completing work, while workers have a range of concerns. Building trust can be difficult for both managers and team members. However, being transparent about project expectations, working hours, and status updates of projects will help in building trust. Besides, be honest about the workload you expect to have for your employees. “Being honest with staff and explaining how projects may change over the following months makes employees feel valued and creates better trust,” says Leigh.

Organization Culture

To build a positive company culture, it is essential to hire the right employees and foster healthy communication. Whether it is about creating a professional organizational culture or a fun culture, developing a remote team demands a more concentrated effort than in an office.

One-on-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings are crucial to boost the morale of your team members. It may seem like a hassle to schedule individual sessions with every team member. However, they make workers feel valued and also provide you with an opportunity to give feedback on their work performance.

Several challenges come with managing a remote team. You can certainly overcome them by introducing team building activities, adding new processes, and increasing communication. To read the original article, click on

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