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Do You Have Post-COVID-19 Recovery Skills?

Project managers need post-COVID-19 recovery skills to help organizations back on their feet. If you have worked in a non-IT role, there are fewer courses to help you get those skills, in any case. However, if you are interested in honing some new project management skills, a PRINCE2 certification course can help. In this article at Axelos, Allan Thomson shares steps to imbibe post-COVID-19 recovery skills.

Embrace Post-COVID-19 Recovery Skills

Difficult times are ahead, but it is up to you to realize it as an opportunity or risk. Post-COVID-19 recovery skills are ‘resilience and confidence’. Whether you have it or not, it depends on how prepared you are. Here are the simple steps to embrace those capabilities:

Evaluate Yourself

Ask yourself how you feel about the work you are doing now. If you are comfortable, well and good. Stakeholders want a confident project manager that can make the right decisions at the right time. If you have been missing that attitude, readjust your priorities and stakeholder expectations.

How Resilient Are You?

Do you withdraw from the scene when things get tough? Are you avoiding decision-making meetings or not answering critical doubts? You need to buckle up then. Micromanagement is not the central role of project managers, but being available to all is. When team members do not have you by their side, they begin to worry. If stakeholders get wind of your unavailability, they would lose trust in you and the project.

Work on Your Soft Skills

Leadership is not only about having critical thinking skills but also soft skills. You can be a high performer, but you should also display empathy to be likable. Being a manager, you must keep a cool head on that shoulder, even in the most trying situation.

Certify to Fortify

Axelos’s 2019 Power of Professional Certification study has conveyed that project managers are more confident after completing certification courses. You are more sure of the decisions because you are equipped with industry-approved standards and processes.

Be Indispensable

Organizations should undoubtedly go through changes in the post-crisis office culture. It is your post-COVID-19 recovery skills that will make you a valued member of your organization.

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