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Use These 10 Project Management Tactics for Success

To make a valuable contribution, you must have some project management tactics up your sleeve. No organization wants delayed projects and upset clients. However, things are not that apparent in real life. According to a Workamajig study, 58 percent of companies understand why project management is essential. In this article at Project Times, Claudia Jeffrey shares ten project management tactics you need for success.

Learning Project Management Tactics

The above study also revealed that 93 percent of organizations leverage project management best practices. Here are the ten strategies all project managers can use:

Resource Projects Right

Now is not the time to adjust to substandard resources. Select people that complete tasks faster, with better quality, and demand less money.

Honor the Milestones

Projects are long and can get tiresome if you go on working without a break. Once you successfully reach a milestone, celebrate it. Acknowledge the hard work.

Document Everything

No matter how good the rapport is or what you agreed on verbally, it is always safe to document things. Project management tactics should allow you to maintain consistency and improve further. Documentation enables you to do that.

Narrow in on the PM Approach

One of the best project management tactics is to figure out the methodology before starting the project. Currently, Agile, Waterfall, Lean, Scrum, Kanban, and Six Sigma are popular.

Set the Roles

Defining roles help you to set expectations. The team also knows who has the decision-making power and can empower them during tough times.

Track the Work Progress

Tracking the work status provides insights into your team’s productivity. Analyzing progress warns you about overshooting deadlines. You can make changes early and prevent such incidents.

Supervise Team Efforts

You need project management tactics to improve the team’s performance. How would you do that without a proper measuring parameter? Supervise daily progress to catch any shortcomings early and guide the team to overcome it soon.

Balance Budget and Scope

Maintaining a steady project budget and sticking to the scope is essential. Use the numbers in the graph, and you learn if your team is justifying the company’s investment.

Value Your Stakeholders

Stakeholder management is one of the crucial project management tactics that you must know. Have detailed discussions regarding project expectations and their responsibilities. Acknowledge their interest in your vision and stay transparent with them.

Analyze Project Performance

Discover how the project is doing, like in terms of risks, costs, and PERT. Also, calculate the interest rate of return, net present value, payback process, and profitability index.

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