Board’s Contribution to the PMO Transformation

Exclusively positioned to infuse agility, assign accountability, and support project teams, a PMO is fit to drive a digital transformation. Nonetheless, it requires strong support from the C-suite executives. In this article at Forbes, learn how to lead and communicate the need to capitalize on emerging transformation trends as a C-suite leader.

Roles and Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to promote agility through educational initiatives, training, and interpersonal collaboration with the PMO. Before that, champion the role of a PMO catalyst for agile transformation. Here is how you can help the PMO transform in disruptive times:

Become a Cooperative CEO

First of all, learn to manage the inflow and impact of disruptive technologies on your project portfolio. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence can create anxiety among staff members about job loss and discourage them from adopting automation.

Being a CEO, it is your responsibility to address all concerns. Hold meetings to explain how new technologies can reduce human effort. Offer them incentives for utilizing the spare time in bringing innovative solutions to the table.

Be a Technology Coach

Since disruptive technologies are replacing the traditional PMO, project managers must initiate discovering how diverse technologies improve organizations. As a CIO or CTO, it is your responsibility to broaden their perspective. Help them shift their focus to implement and leverage automated tools.

An Inspirational CFO  

The PMOs ensure on-time and on-budget project delivery. However, with the execution of new technologies, even the most reasonable rules get affected.

The chief financial officer can support project leaders to be on track. By adding measurable value to the venture, you can help the project leaders build a strong business case for improved investment. It would encourage the project managers to align their abilities to meet corporate objectives. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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