Strategic Leadership: Top Trends You Must Know

Successful businesses are rooted in agility, and organizations expect technology leaders to support flexibility. With an uncertain economic future and constant cyber threats, IT leaders need a clear strategic vision to help businesses thrive. In this article at TechRepublic, Patrick Gray explains strategies that IT leaders must focus on during these uncertain times.

Top Leadership Trends to Look Out For

Developing New Skills

With the implementation of AI and Bots in the organizations, many jobs will evaporate. Instead of planning massive layoffs, leaders must help employees develop new skills. In other words, leaders must influence and challenge employees to take the necessary steps to learn new technology skills. As a leader, you must always have your coaching and development hat on.

Hiring the Right Workforce

“The coronavirus quickly refined how and where we work, and everything from changing geographic dynamics created by remote work to rethinking inclusion in our workforce is fodder for a deep consideration and strategic planning,” says Patrick. While rethinking the hiring and workforce, you must now consider metrics like skills and responsiveness. As a business leader, create your own ‘consulting’ team that helps you hire highly skilled resources.

Prioritizing Employees’ Wellbeing

As processes and technologies continue to change fast, people are the only source of sustainable competitive advantage. Having great teams that work seamlessly with each other is crucial to success. As a leader, you must build trust between team members and encourage joint decision-making and creative solutions. You must make sure that the team members share their thoughts and ideas frequently. Besides, recognizing employees’ physical and mental wellbeing is paramount for an organization’s success. Leaders must implement adequate policies that support healthy living.

Times like these provide leaders an opportunity to create new work experiences. The importance of leadership in these uncertain times is highly significant. Learn more about leadership trends and apply them appropriately to your leadership and company. Click on https://www.techrepublic.com/article/3-strategic-business-focuses-for-the-remainder-of-2020/ to learn more about IT leadership strategies.

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