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Statements of Work: Laying the Foundation of a Project Plan

Statement of work or SoW is a formal document defining the project requirements like activities, deliverables, and timetables. Its primary objective is to characterize the work agreements between service providers and clients. In this article at, Jon Quigley and Steve Lauck uncover the best approach to write an ideal statement of work. The document helps in controlling the work performed by your project team.

Pen Down the Deliverables

A statement of work is a communication tool that entails the specifics of an ongoing project. It involves all the necessary arrangements required for project scheduling. Follow these tips to document a perfect statement of work.

Specify Objective

The SoW must describe the project objective precisely so that the team understands all the necessary arrangements to accomplish the project.

Communicate Clearly

Use a universal language that everyone understands. Instead of using a list of acronyms that require an additional page of details, use standard business terms to communicate the message. Stakeholders must understand the statement of work that is likely to have follow-up questions for you.

Ascertain Identity

The SoW must identify who the project sponsors are. Also, it must specify the source of direction to the project scope and trade-off decisions.

Enlist Assumptions

The statement of work must include a list of assumptions that can help users understand project expectations and foundation. It helps the team focus on the project objective. Thus, it specifies the scope of the work.

Never Overlook

Even if the project scope is not certain, be clear about the possible issues or objectives that may require immediate intervention. The SoW aims to eliminate unwanted distractions that impact your project objective.

Keep It Updated

Develop a process to modify the statement of work from time to time. It must involve the project owner that is eligible to approve the changes before releasing SoWs.

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