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Ready to Resume Office? Answer These Questions First

The global lockdown has forced people to embrace the new remote work routine. However, even if people are ready to resume office in the post-pandemic phase, CIOs must carefully monitor them. In this article at CIO, Stacy Collett warns about the upcoming challenges IT executives would face. So, once the employees return to the office, ensure their safety by initiating activities that can avert unnecessary health issues.

Ensure Employee Safety

Employee safety is paramount to the CIOs than tangible assets. Formulating an optimal contingency plan becomes critical to surviving the crisis. So, search for answers to these questions to ensure a clear crisis plan:

Do you have sufficient IT arrangements?

Since the health and safety regulations vary based on geographic locations, organizations can rely on to CDC recommendations. Technology can help in maintaining the hygiene of the workplace. According to a survey by Insight Enterprises, about 58 percent of enterprises are ready to invest in smart personal hygiene devices. Over 35 percent have plans to invest in infrared thermometers. Only 25 percent of companies have planned to invest in thermal cameras to detect infected people from a distance.

Can IT ascertain an employee’s health chart?

According to a Gartner survey, about 60 percent of organizations are showing self-approved data of their employees’ health status. Out of which, half of the people are open to doing a temperature check, but a quarter of them are capable of encouraging contact tracing activities. Only 22 percent would submit their accurate COVID-19 test results. IT plays a significant role in ensuring contact tracing. If implemented well, it can categorize data of the real health condition of your employees through mobile apps.

How to establish a contactless workplace?

A CIO’s involvement in maintaining a contactless workplace can prevent the spread of coronavirus. So, partner with your office building’s real estate executives and urge them to replace push buttons of the elevator with sensor pads, automatic doors, or any contactless solution.

Can IT collaborate with a hybrid workforce?

A hybrid workforce resists repercussions to collaborate, but they are unable to leverage the real abilities of collaboration suites. It is the IT team’s job to establish and test internal virtual networks. Make sure your employees handle the growing demand of the network bandwidth.

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