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Post-Crisis Phase to See Evolution of the Gig Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has made organizations open to back remote working staff. Even businesses are reaching out to the experts across the globe using virtual channels of communication. Indeed, the gig economy stays persistent. Those that are not familiar with the term—gig work is a buzzword used to describe a part-time job like a freelance writer.

In this article at Smart Company, Tash Menon explains that winning in the gig economy is not at all easy. Business leaders must form smart strategies to transform. It is time to get on your toes and make swift adjustments.

For instance, instead of shifting a brick-and-mortar store into an e-commerce site, start investing in a product that brings better returns. Many vendors are offering virtual tools as the demand is high in the present situation. Look for opportunities via trending market demand.

2020 Rollercoaster Ride

It is tough to stand down or turn people jobless, but hiring and investing in a new workforce is even more daunting. Most organizations are reluctant to invest in new employees but dealing with the sluggish staff is equally expensive right now.

Overlook Agism

Elderly professionals have been getting benefit-of-doubt for years. Agism is a widespread issue observed explicitly in the marketing and advertising sector. However, to lead in the present scenario, the business leaders must focus on the employee’s efficiency, knowledge, and skills. Age brings experience and the ability to interpret agility to deliver desired results. Nonetheless, not all aged individuals have the ability to lead a team of young enthusiasts.

Try Freelancers

Those that aim to expand business in the ever-challenging digital disruption condition, seek out skills in the short-term channels. Hire freelancers for their specialization and abilities. They are likely to be more productive and skilled than a regular employee. A lean work structure would bring the best results. Freelance professionals are your go-to resources to reframe existing opportunities and grab the new ones in the crisis.

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