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PMO or a Business-Focused PMO, Which One to Pick?

The existence of a project management office is doubtful in many organizations. To understand the worth of a PMO, you must consider the facts like how much value it adds to your venture. In this article at PM Majik, the author explains the significance of conventional and agile PMO. The traditional project management office ensures if the ongoing projects adhere to governance compliance and on-time delivery. While the agile PMO focuses on business growth.

Merits of a Business-Focused PMO

Instead of maintaining project progress reports and monitoring discrepancies, a business-focussed PMO makes every possible effort to meet the business goals. So, utilize the real potential of your PMO as a business-driven entity.

A business-oriented project management office can nurture and deliver projects to bring a substantial ROI to the company. It can propose more projects to the board by assessing its impact.

It ensures that your long-term projects are agile and compliant. When the PMO is required to deliver quality outcomes, it can adjust expectations according the real-time scenario.

Significance of a Traditional PMO

A business-focused PMO cannot overshadow the traditional project management office. Both governance and data analysis is crucial for effective operations. The conventional PMO has the expertise to oversee the projects to function successfully.

Think of it as a project leader whose role is to empower ongoing projects with the right amount of productivity. The traditional PMO compliments it by managing all the plans and monitoring its crucial elements to ease the manager’s job.

Nonetheless, if you are to choose between the two, go for a business-focused PMO that can bring valuable returns. It focuses on process compliance and productivity.

The benefit of a business-focussed PMO is clear and has a tangible effect on business growth. It enables ongoing projects to respond and adapt to emerging market conditions.

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