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On-the-Job Perks: An Agile Way to Boost Productivity

What is your motivation to perform at work? Applauds from the team, pat on the back from seniors, or year-on-year appraisals? Most of us work too hard to achieve a bit extra, apart from the boss’s praises. In this article at Business News Daily, Max Freedman explains how an employee incentive program keeps the staff motivated.

Pulse of the Profession

Incentives act as a real productivity booster by encouraging even the most laid-back employee to perform. For instance, offering monitory rewards or other enticements like gift cards, additional breaks, free lunch, or coupons for family dinners. Follow these proven attempts to maintain long-term employee engagement:

Initiate Recognition Programs

Be it a simple appreciation email or ‘employee of the month’ label, everything is encouraging.


Whether a bonus for 100-percent attendance or leading the top sales rank, monitory reimbursements create a healthy competition. Profit-sharing is the new trend in which the star performer gets a certain percentage of profits along with the monthly salary.

Additional Break

Apart from the regular time-off, offering extra time-off to the employee for delivering extraordinary quality work is a win-win for all. These accomplishments motivate others to maintain precision.

Wellness Retreat

Since the majority of the workforce is working from distributed locations, people are failing to maintain work-life balance. To ease the stress, you can offer a free online wellness program for your entire team.

Online Training

Ambitious employees are everywhere. By enrolling them for a free online learning program, you can nurture their skills and retain them longer. Conduct an internal competition to shortlist a selected few for the opportunity.

Tailored Incentives

A customized incentive program that fits the selected employee’s requirement is equally motivating. For instance, if an employee likes spending personal time in fitness practices, offer online home workout subscriptions. This tailored incentive would encourage the individual to make an extra effort while working from home.

Beneficial Packages

Extend health insurance, retirement plans, or other long-term benefits apart from the regular company policies. Ask the top performers about their preferences to set a benchmark for others to follow.

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