IT Leadership in a Pandemic: A Learning for Generations

The outbreak of coronavirus is causing far more damage than financial or business loss. Leaders are struggling with supply chain management, employee engagement, strategic planning, and much more. In this article at Strategy+Business, Adam Bryant suggests implementing the core leadership skills of prioritization, innovation, and empathy.

Adapt the New Normal

As the dust is settling, you must start making notes of the health and financial damages the pandemic has caused to your organization. The remaining uncertainties would help you strategize transformation in the work culture. Being a leader, you are responsible for dealing with the situation by flexing your strength in these essential areas:

Set Priorities

Instead of focusing on multiple priorities, focus on one to achieve real progress in it. Think about the top three priority tasks that are likely to get quality outcomes. By ascertaining daily necessities, you can focus on the areas that can bring lucrative results. It is all right if the other initiatives take a back seat. Your agile approach would eliminate unnecessary work pressure from the team.

Be Innovative

To reclaim your position, bring innovative products to the market. Inventions move from ideas to execution phase in a few weeks. So, avoid endless discussions to analyze a product or process, just do it. Take faster decisions to execute new ideas.

Extend Empathy

The pandemic demands social distancing but not emotional isolation. As a leader, your team expects support, empathy, and vulnerability from you. Getting practical help could be challenging but not impossible. Your role is to bridge the gap and make your team members open to conveying their ideas, concerns, or problems.

These leadership skills and approaches are no more hypothetical. Implement them on your day-to-day work and see the benefits. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.strategy-business.com/blog/Leaders-are-building-new-muscles-to-deal-with-the-pandemic?gko=7a303

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