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EWM Solution: How to Implement it Rightly?

A flexible workplace is now the core component of many enterprise cultures. With a vast majority of global teams working from home, the pressure to adopt a range of collaboration and productivity tools has increased. The enterprise work management (EWM) solutions help cut down on this multitasking by providing a centralized place to automate and manage all forms of work. In this article at Information Age, James Murray provides some top tips for implementing an EWM solution in your organization.

A Guide to Implement EWM Solution

Nominate a Champion

“Enterprise work management solutions must bring people, process, and technology together in one place,” says James. The first step to any successful software implementation is to get your team on board. As a business leader, you must nominate a person who will act as an internal project manager and be responsible for the implementation. The internal project managers must be familiar with software and comfortable with training others.

Create a Roadmap for Implementation

The next step is to create a step-by-step strategy for implementing and integrating EWM solutions across the organization. Ensure to capture every process of implementation in this roadmap. Determine who in the company will use the EWM solutions and for what purpose. Consider rolling out the new solutions in waves to ensure a smooth adoption process. Additionally, encourage open communication with your software solution provider. This helps in meeting your business goals.

Regularly Evaluate the Software

Once you have implemented EWM solutions, make sure you have tools that provide you with visibility across the entire enterprise. This will help you in keeping the workflow consistent and also provide the users with the ability to manage their work the way they want. Leveraging the information will help you determine the value EWM solutions offers to your business, and if implementation was successful.

The implementation of EWM solutions will help your enterprise attract and retain the best talent and balance the need to help customers and keep the enterprise running. To read the full article, click on

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