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CIOs’ Influential Role in Digital Transformation

Digital technologies that include social media, data analytics, mobile, and cloud are rapidly emerging as disruptive forces. They are changing the ways customers interact with companies and brands while opening new business models at the heart of the enterprises. This evolution of digital technology has presented a huge opportunity for CIOs, especially those who aspire to take on more influential roles.

In this article at TechRepublic, Todd R. Weiss explains how CIOs are playing a significant role in leading digital transformations.

How should CIOs Drive Digital Transformation?

Pioneer the Way into Transformation

Any transformation, in recent times, relies heavily on the digital landscape. As a CIO, you carry a major responsibility to drive technological change in the organization. However, be prepared to face the challenge of using the latest technologies continuously to make the entire business process agile. If you fail to take the challenge to transform your business processes, the organization will remain at the risk of becoming an ordinary player in the industry. Be receptive to new ideas from your team members, initiate discussions with the team, inspire innovative thinking, and perceive how the ideas can help you drive innovation for digitization.

Select and Modernize Platforms that Drive Agility

There are too many platforms a CIO must research, and it is not easy to evaluate viable long-term vendors, scalable and secure technologies, and easy user interface. As a CIO, you must have an ongoing innovative program that pilots new technologies. Also, you must communicate technology strategy to management and recruit an optimal team of business and technology participants to drive digital transformation.

CIOs must work closely with C-suite executive members to nurture an innovative mindset throughout the organization. Besides, to effectively drive digital transformation, you must have a robust strategy that covers every scenario inside the organization. To read the full article, click on

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