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Why is the Cyber Risk Score Crucial?

With many IT organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions under cyberattack, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Today, cybersecurity risk scores have proved to be an essential part of a comprehensive security plan. A cybersecurity risk score is similar to the credit score that gives a glimpse of the overall cyber risk that your organization might face. In this article at Forbes, Sid Yenamandra provides some invaluable tips on increasing your company’s cyber risk scores.

Ways to Improve Cyber Risk Score

Mandatory VPN Usage

One of the most crucial steps an organization must take is making VPN usage mandatory for all employees. This is especially critical if the majority of your employees are working from home. Unfortunately, when organizations offer remote work options, they don’t have control over where their employees work from. Making it mandatory for employees to use VPN will keep remote connections secure.

Conduct Cybersecurity Audits

Failure to perform regular audits of the security processes and permissions will result in significant data breaches. According to studies, misconfigurations are a common error across the industry. Reviewing the configurations regularly will help in improving the company’s cybersecurity risk score and also ensuring that proper protections are in place.

Update the software

Researches have revealed that nearly 48% are relying on the unsupported or soon-to-expire operating system, and the small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses are the worst transgressors. Updated software goes a long way towards increasing a cybersecurity score.

Analyze User Behavior and Performance

“Risk scores should reflect the effectiveness of a vendor’s user training programs and cybersecurity policies,” explains Sid. These scores demonstrate how well employees and others with access to customer data understand cybersecurity concepts. The scores will also reveal how closely employees adhere to what they have learned about the firm’s cybersecurity guidelines.

Having a strong cybersecurity risk score is crucial to a company’s ability to win projects and secure financing. Following the steps mentioned above will go a long way toward increasing your organization’s cybersecurity and raising its risk score. To learn more, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2020/06/18/why-cyber-risk-scores-should-be-as-ubiquitous-as-credit-scores/#35caab2b3d09.

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