What Are the Pandemic Priorities for IT Leadership?

IT leadership must figure out pandemic priorities for surviving the business until everything returns to normal. All the annual goals have gone for a toss. Companies learned the hard way that you cannot predict the future. In this article at BizTech Magazine, Ryan Peterson shares pandemic priorities for IT leadership.

Pandemic Priorities to Take Care of

One microscopic virus and all your hard work go down the drain. IT leaders talked about technological advancements for their business for years. The majority of the companies took it seriously only recently, and now it is one of their pandemic priorities. Those that are striving to keep the lights on during the current crisis are creating an action plan. Drawing from their example, here are the pandemic priorities that IT leaders must take on:

Set of Priorities

  • Ensure that your employees have all the necessary office equipment for remote support. Set up collaboration tools and video communication channels to streamline coordination between various stakeholders. Robin and the Michigan Farm Bureau are already reaping benefits from the popular collaboration platforms.
  • Among all the pandemic priorities, upgrading your network capabilities should come first. Your employees should be able to access the company database and tools to work without a glitch. After all, you can be productive when the systems are working fine. Also, better tools allow them to cater to clients more effectively.
  • It is time to strengthen your cybersecurity policies and protocols. Though offices would reopen in the end, more resources might want to work remotely. Train them to work securely with devices exposed to external threats.
  • Reach out and network with other IT leaders. You might be surprised by the number of people that are eager to share lessons and best practices. Jamil Farshchi, CISO of Equifax, is one of them.

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