Star Trek: Picard Comes With Modern Leadership Tips

Apart from being a great TV series, Star Trek: Picard has hidden leadership tips. We all know that the character has undergone several transformations. From a peace leader to a warrior to now a detective. Generally, people do not like it when directors tamper with their favorite characters. Nonetheless, the new Picard is more human, and you can relate to his mistakes, however monumental it is. In this article at TechRepublic, Matthew Heusser describes four leadership tips by drawing examples from the TV series.

Picard’s Leadership Tips

We always knew Picard to be the embodiment of perfection. He was able to keep himself calm when others were all riled up. In the new digital series, his character comes with issues that make him more endearing. Here are the leadership tips from Star Trek: Picard:

Support Management Decisions

One of the leadership tips is to support top management decisions even though you disagree. Criticizing your boss in front of your team members can give you a good laugh. The message that your team gets is that it is okay to laugh at your leaders behind their backs. Worse, they can openly disregard your authority and decision.

Do Not Take Things for Granted

Do not believe that once you build a reputation, people would support your every decision. If you do not proactively continue boosting the relationship, it is going to fizzle out. Dedicate time to keep the same level of camaraderie. Once you resign from your leadership post, do not expect that you can just walk in and order around. Discuss with the new leader before approaching your former team members.

Treat People Like Yourself

When the top management decides to lay off people, the list does not contain leaders. While addressing the resources that help build the organization, senior management’s typical remark is moving operations elsewhere. The irony is, leaders are ready to rehire resources instead of proposing pay cuts for themselves. As a leader, treat people like you would treat yourself.

Find the Underlying Reasons Before Reacting

A teammate’s behavior in the standup meeting has made you upset. Instead of reacting immediately, wait till you hear the reason for their lashing out. Are they undergoing stress in their personal life? Are they exhausted looking after their ailing loved ones? Are you unknowingly laughing along with people who are bullying that individual? Find out the back story before giving up on them.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/4-leadership-lessons-from-star-trek-picard/

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