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Project Management: A Solution or a Mere Option to Bridge Supply Chain Gap?

The world is facing several crises amid the global pandemic due to a shortage of supplies and equipment. Nonetheless, states competing to fulfill needs for medical supplies and personnel is not the ideal approach of overcoming the pandemic.

In this article at SupplyChain Management Review, Rosemary Coates explains that supply chain management is yet another significant issue organizations are facing worldwide.

Supply Chain Shortage

The world is suffering not because of the supply chain gap but also due to weak project management. The supply chain managers are responsible of flexible proceedings while bridging the existing skill gap.

The Right Solution

Planning, execution, and clear communication are pivotal to achieve success in a project. So, set priorities and develop a vision to form an appropriate framework for successful project execution. Also, include these principles in your project to reap the desired benefits:

  • Dedicate your time in defining and developing a vision and mission to resolve an issue. The activity will not take more than a couple of hours but would bring your team on the same page.
  • Set clear and measurable goals for the projects. Ensure everyone in the team understands their job and manage segments.
  • Maintain transparency and consistency to solve problems. Seek help whenever required and understand how significant the project goal is.
  • Keep all the stakeholders informed about the project progress. Maintain consistency and always share precise details.
  • Announce success as you accomplish your goals, but not before it. Demonstrate each milestone you have achieved. Conduct a post-project assessment review to learn lessons from it and improve your future ventures.

Project management is necessary for supply chain management. It requires precision and practice to organize multiple tasks. To become a successful supply chain leader, you must outshine as an organized project manager. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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