Leadership: How to Sail through the COVID-19 Crisis?

In these uncertain times, organizations are highly relying on their supervisors and managers to maintain the well-being, safety, and health of their workforce. Enterprises are expecting leaders to be agile in changing not only plans and but also their leadership styles. In this article at Strategy+Business, Adam Bryant explains that core leadership skills are suddenly becoming a daily habit and identifies some areas where these leadership skills are immediately paying off.

Areas that Leaders Must Focus

Focus on Innovation

COVID-19 has forced many organizations to bypass the phase of endless analysis and action. Weekly or monthly leadership team meetings have now shifted to daily calls, and the decision timeline to execute a project has shortened. Innovations are rapidly moving from idea to execution in just a week or two while creating more agility.

Prioritize Tasks

The COVID-19 crisis is suddenly forcing leaders to confront challenging questions such as –

  • What are the three things needed to reset the business?
  • What matters the most?
  • What can be pushed back?

“Before the crisis, if you were to ask leaders about their priorities for the quarter or the year, you would likely hear a long list of initiatives,” explains Adam. Today, setting daily priorities has been a crucial part of a leadership approach during the crisis.

Put Individuals Ahead of Institutions

As a leader, you must remember that organizations are human-made and replaceable. Let your employees know that you are putting the lives of individuals ahead of the life of an institution. Tell your clients that you will be late with deliverables because you want to ensure that your employees are safe and secure. Humanity and vulnerability are the essential traits of effective leadership.

To read the original article, click on https://www.strategy-business.com/blog/Leaders-are-building-new-muscles-to-deal-with-the-pandemic?gko=7a303.

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