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How to Recruit the Best Project Talent?

COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped organizations and nature of work in several unthinkable ways. Now, business leaders must think beyond survival. Businesses can thrive post-pandemic only if recruiters hire talented people. The most important aspect of recruiting isn’t knowing where to look for project talent, but what to look for. In this article at the Tech Republic, Moira Alexander shares some key factors that companies and recruiters must focus on to ensure the right fit for the role.

How to Retain Stronger Project Talent?

Design Your Hiring Process with Retention in Mind

You don’t want to lose strong project talents because you failed to meet their job expectations. Make sure that throughout the hiring process, your candidates get a taste of what the job would be like. Besides, you must remember that the millennials want more than just remuneration. They want:

  • Your organization to behave ethically in all its activities
  • Flexible working options
  • Your company to have ambition and purpose beyond making money
  • A diverse senior management team
  • Excellent company culture and workplace environment

Offer Challenging Projects

“Far too often, recruiters or leaders will shy away from hiring innovators due to their own insecurities and concerns about job security,” says Moira. Though your company’s executive team may talk about being innovative, middle-management, recruiters, and some leaders seek to hire non-innovators out of fear. Remember, talented employees do not want to waste their time working on boring projects. Therefore, provide strong project talents with exciting and ambitious projects.

Be Agile and Flexible

Pay attention to the changes in market conditions. For instance, you must consider the competitor’s openings and seasonality. Additionally, find out which channel yields the best results for your company – job boards, social networking, or your own corporate website. Then, analyze which channel works best for hiring the right project talent. Staying abreast of recent developments in your industry will allow you to be flexible in your talent acquisition process while accommodating any market changes.

Your talent acquisition process must be on point if you want to get ahead of your competition. To learn more about hiring the right project talent, click on

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