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Help a Struggling Project Manager to Bridge Skill Gaps

Weak managers are the real hindrances for all the promising projects. They create not only conflicts in the internal process but also delays or unnecessary expenses.

Veronica Combs suggests that assessing your manager’s skills before assigning a big project is essential in this article at TechRepublic. Teams must help their managers deal with loyal customers by addressing their business needs.

Open Communication

Clear communication is one of the most vital soft skills of a successful project manager. It requires mastery in negotiation, politics, change, and conflict management with a stronghold on sales. Follow these tips from industry experts to help your struggling project managers:

Take Regular Feedback

Conduct a SWOT analysis of the project to address the critical issues beforehand. Share unpleasant updates in the meeting without further delays. Suggest weekly or bi-weekly meetings where project managers must listen to what their team has to say. It improves transparency within the organization.

Document Everything

Never hold a tricky conversation face-to-face. Always document the critical issues to refer to them later. If you feel the given deadline is impossible to achieve, share a polite email to your manager to rethink about the allotted time.

Right Acronyms or Terms

Ensure everyone in the team is well-versed with the project lifecycle. Share a glossary to define the meaning of commonly used project management terms for easy reference.

Quote Examples

Share examples of ideal project managers in the organization to encourage them to perform under peer pressure. It compels the weak project managers to act better.

Use Tools

A project management collaboration tool can resolve a range of issues a weak manager creates. With them, you can reduce the communication gap and record all team discussions to avoid future confusion.

Encourage Managers to Use Tools

Automated tools are extremely helpful in tracking or adjusting a project to remain on track. They can quickly identify the problems within the system and help in addressing them. Project managers must leverage these tools to reduce existing risks and stay ahead of the curve.

Make Them a Team Player

Encourage the project manager to involve the whole team in the planning process to maintain consistency in the development process.

Show Support

The team must offer support to their project managers. Keep them updated about the company policies and processes to act appropriately.

Discuss Existing Issues

The team members working on a project must share issues, concerns, risks, or challenges with their project managers. Your managers are addressing multiple other problems while working with you. Your small effort can save them from creating unnecessary chaos.

Analyze Yourself Objectively

Even if you are working with a weak manager, always maintain uniformity in your performance. It saves a lot of extra effort from the team. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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