Do You Want to Exert Authority without Being a Leader?

Managing teams without direct authority over the participants isn’t a new concept. Though exerting authority indirectly contribute to project goals, they are connected to project leadership through a ‘dotted line.’ But, the lessons you learn from these experiences will indeed be invaluable. In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy shares some tips to improve your influence on people outside your control.

How to Exert Authority without Being a Leader?

Trust Comes First

Even if you have incredible talent and say all the ‘right’ things, if people don’t trust you, they won’t follow you. How can you build trust? Ensure every customer interaction is a conversation and not a sales pitch. Listen to them actively. The questions must effectively lead them to solutions and not to the problems. Further, take a personal interest in knowing what is important to them and be genuine. This demonstrates that you have no agenda.

Take Actions That Others Will Follow

Often people get a good idea, but they fail to act. Under such circumstances, trust your instincts and act. Not only will your action be a catalyst for others to follow, but it will also set your idea into motion. In fact, when your ideas start to succeed, your team members will follow you.

Find the Greater Purpose

When you lead a team without authority with sheer talent, trust, and communication, you will undoubtedly help others find a greater purpose for their work. If you feel the sense of purpose for what you do, everyone will look up to you for meaning and inspiration. This quality will set you apart from everyone else and help in transforming you into a great leader.

Involve Your Team Members in Decision-Making

“New managers and leaders take pride in the job of making all the decisions by themselves. The authority to make decisions boosts your ego,” explains Leigh. Include your team members in critical decisions. Considering their opinions will make them feel respected. Besides, the team members involved also show more responsibility for effective project execution.

To learn more about leading a team without authority, click on https://projectbliss.net/leading-without-authority/.

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