Be the Bad Boss to Work Your Way Up the Career Ladder

People in the IT industry often get promotions, not for their efficiency in handling a team, but because they can meet deadlines. These individuals not only micromanage teams, but they also lose technical excellence after getting significant responsibilities.

In this article at CIO, Bob Lewis explains the art of people management. Justify your position as a newly promoted leader who can align business services effectively.

Break the Monotony

The IT industry swears by the agile methodology and mindset to produce innovative results. Nonetheless, the sector follows a management hierarchy that delays in decision-making.

An Infallible Guide

If you are a newly promoted manager, find ways to manage your team with an agile mindset. It is a challenging task to perform. So, here is how you can deal with the situation:

  • Enjoy your authority as a leader and remain accountable for your team’s expenses.
  • Never act repressive, but always justify your team why it is necessary to keep a watch over inconsistent expenditures. Take initiatives to coach your project managers about budget allocation.
  • Your team members are accountable for the job given to them. If something goes wrong, instead of lashing out in front of everyone, hold a closed-door meeting with them. Your sensible act of educating makes them more vigilant.
  • Being a business leader, guide your team to strategize and manage a difficult task. However, you cannot guide them for technical directions. Your involvement in technical details may lead to unnecessary delays, so avoid it.
  • Make new contacts and friends within the industry and organization but with persistence.
  • Fail fast to learn from it. Help your teammates find the direction to follow your strategy.
  • Never act conceited with the peers who are your subordinates after promotion. Be helpful to them, but make sure they know that you are their leader now.
  • Observe your team’s progress so that they do not move in the wrong direction. Help them avoid mistakes but never stop them from pursuing their ideas and trends.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with the remote staff and ensure that each of them has enough work to assess their daily productivity.
  • Value your staff, so they never switch jobs. Keep spreading words about your team member’s resourcefulness and capabilities.
  • Lead your team in the right direction without losing their confidence in you.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.cio.com/article/3545537/10-steps-to-becoming-a-horrible-it-boss.html

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