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What Does the Future Hold for Project Managers and the Gig Workforce?

Are you ready to face the post-pandemic world of rapid changes? Are you aggressively preparing a list of the changes? Have you made a revised list of strategic priorities? Have you trained your project team to maintain its core operations? Project managers are preparing to answer thousands of questions once the dust settles.

In this article at the Association for Project Management, John Ayers explains that the whole world is looking at project managers who have evolved enough to meet work requirements.

Project Management: A Vital Asset

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the way businesses are operating and the future of employees and employers. Experts believe that the demand for project-based work process will be 70 percent higher from now. It means high customer expectations and equally elevated market competition.

The Future Skill Needs

Project managers must have emotional intelligence, apart from the necessary skills like leadership, communication, and technical knowledge. The recruiters utilize behavioral psychology to handle the transformed project workforce.

In the gig economy, organizations must focus on employing remote workers with the best skills to bridge the knowledge gap.

The Uberization of Work

The gig economy is an inevitable honey trap with pros and cons that project managers cannot ignore. Take a look:

  • Finding skilled professionals would be more accessible from the gig talent pool. You can even hire highly experienced professionals for a temporary period. However, they must have limited access to confidential data that they can access only during the contract period.
  • The gig workers can choose the job according to their passion. Nonetheless, it would be challenging to integrate them into the regular workforce and may not receive as many benefits as an in-house employee gets.
  • The consultants can acquire skills and expertise in their areas of interest. However, it would be difficult for project managers to train them about company policies.

Diverse Project Manager Responsibilities

The transformed work environment would mean more responsibilities for the project managers. They must learn to manage diverse project teams and overcome the challenge of handling cultural or language barriers with the gig workforce. Your future teams would be located at different geographical locations. It clearly demands refined communication to collaborate with remote teams and clients. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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