Tips for CIOs to Maintain Strong Work Culture

There is a difference between having a remote work culture and remote workers. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the workplace dynamics, and companies are learning as they go along. Multiple monitors, standing desks, and the ability to swing by a coworker’s desk are now gone. In fact, some companies are creating virtual happy hours or digital water coolers to recapture the camaraderie.

In this article at Forbes, Steven Norton explains how CIOs can preserve a strong culture amid the shift to remote work.

How Can CIOs Maintain Strong Organization Culture?

Communicate the Priorities and Goals

CIOs must place the team’s strategic priorities in prominent places across the virtual channels and emphasize them when communicating with the team members. This will serve as a reminder to employees that the same vision still drives the company. Further, irrespective of what message you are sharing, ensure to be clear and tailor it to the digital platform you are using.

Rewards and Recognition on Digital Platform

Performance recognition platforms are an indispensable tool for managing employee productivity. They help in continuously monitoring and measuring key productivity metrics while ensuring to recognize employees for their contribution. These steps taken by CIOs will undoubtedly foster a positive culture in the organization.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is a survey that is often known as the “voice of the employee.” As a CIO, you must use artificial intelligence (AI)-based tool to gain an insight into the work processes and issues. By collecting and analyzing the accumulated data, you can gauge employee sentiments. You can further use the data to eliminate problems related to the well-being of remote employees and boost employee engagement. These initiatives help bolster the efficacy of a welfare-focused environment.

The current crisis is extremely volatile without a clear end in sight. Therefore, CIOs must take the right steps to support their organizations. By being proactive, CIOs can ensure to maintain strong organization culture and business continuity amid the shift to remote work. To read the full article, click on

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