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The Post-Pandemic Scenario: Update Your Team to Help Them Adapt

Drastic transformations are expected in regular work patterns as the global pandemic reduces. The IT teams must keep on adjusting services to fulfill the shifting business requirements. Nonetheless, it would take time to adjust to the post-pandemic phase.

In this article at Harvard Business Review, Hubert Joly explains how IT leaders should start preparing their teams to adjust to the new work routine.

Be Ready for What Comes Next

Different phases of the novel coronavirus outbreak have influenced the IT workforce. Over half of the majority is virtually operating from various online channels. These two areas are the top priorities for IT leaders to conquer the challenges posed by the COVID-19:

  • Given the magnitude of the global pandemic and lockdown, employees’ safety is paramount. So, keep your staff updated about the company policies, government guidelines to work, and job stability.
  • Some leaders are mapping the crisis in three phases: the shelter-in-place, the office reopening, and the post-pandemic period.

Step Up to Meet Business Needs

It is time for CIOs and CEOs to outline solutions and skills for a virtual business operating model. Only then can you accelerate your venture as a winner.

  1. Shelter-in-Place Phase: The sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus has encouraged all the functioning organizations to ensure the staff’s welfare.The shelter-in-place phase saw the implementation of remote work and sanitization of offices. Apart from staff safety, cybersecurity was an employer priority. Some companies offered payroll to their employees, while others provided employee relief funds.
  2. The Reopened Phase: Some organizations reopened to prepare their staff for the next phase of the pandemic, while some are still discussing it. They must consider the broad spectrum of employees’ safety and maintain high-quality hygiene.
  3. The Post-COVID-19 Phase: It is a challenging phase for all the consumer service businesses Because low demand would continue affecting their annual revenue. The small firms might bear the brunt for months while the medium and big firms can still manage to cover the losses. You can infuse a sense of purpose in your employees to help them perform better.

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