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Prevent Cyber Threats in Your Modern Workplace

Cyber threats are a bane for your workplace. With the current pandemic-ridden environment, it is even more necessary to address it seriously. Fortalice Solutions President and CEO Theresa Payton emphasizes on ramping up security in today’s work environment. Find out what the first female CEO of White House has to say about cyber threats in this BizTech Magazine article.

Cyber Threats and Contemporary Offices

Payton adds that at the CDW Protect SummIT in San Antonio, organizations cannot stop using emerging technologies because of cyberthreats. What you must work on is an incident manual that should have all the minute details, even the ‘kill switch’. Here’s how you can address cyber threats in your modern workplace:

Have Key Response Plan Ready

CDW cybersecurity practice lead Jeremy Weiss suggests that you identify the risks you need mitigating as soon as they happen. For instance, the security architecture itself might have loopholes that your team must be aware of.

The majority of the organizations do not have a risk response communications channel in place. Without proper setup, you cannot reach out to the right people. This gap and lack of adequate planning can further damage your internal systems and market credibility. Also, you need to provide the team access to relevant data. It helps them to take proactive decisions, if need be, for impending cyber threats. While IoT devices can easily connect you to the inner sanctum of your database, it can do the same for the hackers. Having emergency buttons like a kill switch would empower you to stop the breach at the right time.

Pay Heed to the Smallest of Flutter

Due to an increase in security protocols, end-users must go through multi-factor authentication. 50 percent of CDW’s participants checked that as the topmost cybersecurity issue. It might be a setback for market-leading companies, but it is a small price to pay for a more significant problem. Apart from security training, another way to combat cyberthreats is ‘active listening’, according to Payton. Involve the end-users in the decision-making procedure to let them understand the implications of it.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://biztechmagazine.com/article/2020/02/how-mitigate-cyber-risk-while-empowering-modern-workforce

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