How to Monitor Productivity Without Impacting the Culture?

The company culture is often linked to employee productivity. Understanding their relationship will help you identify company culture and productivity issues instantly within your organization and correct them where needed. But, how is productivity monitoring impacting the culture? In this article at CIO Dive, Pamela DeLoatch explains how managers can ensure employees are productive without impacting the culture of the organization negatively.

How to Find the Right Balance

There are lots of pros and cons surrounding employee monitoring activities. Before implementing a system that runs smoothly and track the work of your employees, you must keep the following points in mind.

  • Evaluate if your approach violates the employees’ reasonable expectation of privacy
  • Develop a well-written policy and communicate it to the employees
  • Treat employee’s activities in a sensitive and confidential manner

Find the right balance between the interest of your employees and your company’s needs. Focus on:

  • Encouraging honest, transparent communication
  • Creating learning and training opportunities
  • Creating opportunities for growth within the company
  • Setting a constructive environment where everyone has a voice

Monitoring Personal Devices

“Employers can monitor employees using company equipment, but it gets a little stickier when employees want to use their own devices,” says Pamela. Some monitoring providers offer customizable options. Companies that use the monitoring software can determine what information should be or should not be monitored.

Companies considering monitoring must determine why it is needed.┬áIf it’s for a performance assessment or because of suspicion of theft, employers must use tools targeted for that purpose. If you want to know how to assess employee performance without having an impact on the culture of your organization, click on

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