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How Divergent IT Service Management Will Look Post-Pandemic?

Organizations are changing their regular strategies and work patterns in a rush to overcome the economic crisis post the COVID-19 lockdown. Service management is essential, and so are the criteria for investment.

In this article at, John Custy explains the significant changes expected in a usually well-planned IT service management (ITSM) investment. A considerable reshuffle may happen in this area.

Expected Long-Term Changes

Organizations meeting customer’s expectations with their best ITSM teams must understand what their service consumer value. Just like post the 9/11 terrorist attack, the COVID-19 virus will promote key transformations in business practices. Those that continue adapting to the change they can provide the value customers expect. Here are some other modifications expected in ITSM:

Critical Approval for ITSM Investments

The ITSM teams must understand and communicate about the required investments to get approval from the higher-ups. A majority of the IT organizations would make such decisions considering their short and long-term business goals. They should measure improvements based on predictable metrics.

Focused Value Creation

Organizations have to re-evaluate their ITSM strategies to understand the essential activities that are contributing to business growth. Most organizations would offer more in fewer available resources. Nonetheless, to achieve these objectives, IT organizations can assess their strong or weak points to automate excessive activities. They must evaluate what and when to outsource to extend better value to the customers.

Mandatory IT Operations Status

You must evaluate and reconsider your current IT operations. Map out the customer journey and service value chains to reassess what your customers require in the near future.

Fresh Approach to Sale

Customer relationship management is critical for businesses. So, organizations will adjust other channels of communication to provide better value to the customers. The new ITSM approach will focus on growing and developing customer relationships. Like technology giants Google and Microsoft, the service organizations will also shift one-on-one customer interaction to virtual ITSM events.

Remote ITSM Will Continue

Many organizations are open to supporting remote work as a cost-efficient practice. They are willing to offer advanced tools to facilitate better communication. Nonetheless, you must also focus on building, maintaining, and growing your customer relationship and employee retention strategies. Ensure that the discussions, conversations, and communications must continue focusing on meeting customer’s expectations.

Highly Secured IT Services

To address the ongoing concerns over cybersecurity, organizations should continue protecting confidential customer data. Not all services require the same degree of protection, but any outage will affect the company’s reputation. So, the ITSM team must continue acting responsibly when it comes to customer data handling. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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