Embracing Proactive Cybersecurity is Inevitable Now

The global lockdown enforced to stem the spread of coronavirus disease has created tremendous upheaval in the professional lives of many. Companies have shifted to remote operations, disruption and increased attacks from cybercriminals are growing while testing the effectiveness and resilience of cybersecurity programs. In this article at, the author explains how proactive cybersecurity helps in protecting an organization’s confidential data.

How to Overcome the Threats?

Most companies are working remotely. And, many employees are forced to use personal devices such as laptops and mobile devices to access their official accounts. Companies may or may not have the requisite cybersecurity tools installed, thereby increasing the risk of data theft. Therefore, organizations must assess where they are right now in terms of proactive security. This analysis will help them know where their devices are connected and their vulnerabilities. Knowing both current and potential weaknesses helps an organization to define a real-time situational awareness baseline.

It’s All About Awareness

Employees represent the front line. Therefore, they must know that every email they receive, and every website they visit can potentially challenge the organization’s security measures. Cybersecurity professionals must ensure that team members pay attention to security messages and act accordingly. Further, these efforts must be ongoing rather than an isolated campaign.

Continuous Learning Leads to Improvement

When an attack occurs, security professionals must harness the opportunity to learn from the experience and improve the overall process. For instance, analyze what happened and draw conclusions on how to ensure similar attacks never occur again.

Be Aware of Your Security Posture

Organizations must not only be aware of the assets they own but must also contend with,

  • IoT devices, which are often unprotected
  • Employees using unsecured connections in coffee shops, airports, etc.
  • Partner ecosystems that connect to their network

Before planning and designing a security system, cybersecurity professionals of an organization must understand where the vulnerabilities lie and the nature of every possible entry point into the enterprise ecosystem.

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