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Dear CIOs, Switch to AI Solutions to Make Your Work Smarter

The global pandemic and extensive lockdowns have improved the demand for AI tools. The CIOs must use AI or machine learning platforms to perform well with limited resources. In this article at InformationWeek, Jessica Davis explains that investing in artificial intelligence (AI) is a risk worth taking.

Look at the Bigger Picture

The ongoing economic slowdown has turned organizations cautious about spending money on new requirements. AI can help you boost revenue, but the platform requires investment and approval from seniors, which is difficult, but not impossible.

If you bring its valuable outcomes in light, the C-suite executives would agree to invest in it. According to a report from the analyst research firm Omdia, AI vendors can suggest you the most promising options to manage organizational ML. The shortlisted vendors can even offer you alternative tools for a short-term investment plan.

Ability to Innovate

By optimizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can boost business agility and quality of your final deliverables. Since all the leading industries are busy responding to the pandemic, the survival of the fittest depends on innovative ideas.

Being the CIO, you are officially appointed to streamline a new source of revenue and extract maximum possible value. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can address these everyday business needs.

The AI platforms are distinct from machine learning as they develop a project portfolio using open source tools and libraries. To integrate them with your organization’s decision-making process and operations, you must initiate multiple efforts.

Experts recommend using a wide range of open-source tools for a broader ecosystem of machine learning within the organization. An ML platform with multiple tools can help to develop a star product.

The bottom line is investing now in an AI or machine learning platform can help you maintain good growth. It can drive better opportunities in a much disruptive market condition like Covid-19. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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