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Cybersecurity: Skill Shortage is the Root Cause of Security Incidents

Organizations often overlook cybersecurity in a rush to embrace digital innovation. As a result, enterprises are opening the door for cybercriminals that are looking to gain access to valuable data. Ironically, many of these organizations are facing the challenge of the growing cybersecurity skills shortage. There is a clear need for cybersecurity personnel who can efficiently manage threats.

In this article at CISO Mag, the author shares the highlights of ‘Cybersecurity in Focus 2020’ that further explains how skill-shortage impacts business and how we can close the gap.

Impact of Skill Shortage on Businesses

According to ‘Cybersecurity in Focus 2020’, nearly 72% of organizations struggle to procure cybersecurity talent. Additionally, 54% of respondents believe that there would be an increase in security incidents as more businesses move towards the cloud. It is no secret that understaffing will undoubtedly put pressure on the existing employees. This stress will result in employee burnout and decreased productivity. Without a skilled security team in place, it is inevitable for companies to face data loss, reputational damage, and network intrusions.

Though there are many universities offering cybersecurity degrees, this will barely fill the workforce gap. Therefore, CISOs must address the cybersecurity skills shortage within their organizations by training employees internally, paying for certification courses, and establishing effective mentoring programs.

How to Close the Gap?

Organizations must rethink their internal processes. Business leaders and CISOs must prioritize ongoing training and mentoring programs. This will demonstrate a sense of devotion and encourage potential internal candidates to join the cybersecurity team. Furthermore, companies must promote cybersecurity as a career path, urge potential cybersecurity personnel within the organization to attend security tradeshows and training sessions, and encourage obtaining certifications.

CISOs must offer training programs for employees to develop security skills that are in demand, such as cloud security, big data analytics, and incident response management.

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