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Are You Making These Project Management Blunders?

Leadership is challenging, so project management blunders are quite common. You have seen your peers trying hard to deliver projects within the deadline. Not only that, team commitments, stakeholder conflicts, and customer support also burden them. In her blog article, Susanne Madsen warns of three project management blunders that you might be doing right now.

Pointing Out Project Management Blunders

It is unsettling when you try so hard and do not get the expected results. Instead, you have to provide answers for all the project management blunders you have done. Clients do not see the invisible work you are doing that is preventing the project from derailing every other day. What are the things you must not see that others find as glaring project management blunders? Let’s find them below:

Inattentive to Human Factor

It is your job to get work done and according to the client’s wishes. Undoubtedly, you have the skills that the management asks from you. You are great at analyzing situations, estimation, collaboration, and deliberation. You focus your energy on delivering what the customers want within the timeline, cost, and quality. However, you hardly ask the reason behind those immediate requests. Also, you do not ask the management how fulfilling the client requests can help the organization achieve its goals.

Lack of Proactive Responses

You cannot prepare for a project you have not got. However, reacting to questions, feedback, requests, and issues is not the best attitude. You check your emails to start working with the new requests rather than blocking some time for the essential tasks. The long-term tasks usually take up more hours, so you tend to delay initiating it.

Being a One-Stop Solution

Project managers should be more knowledgeable about the projects than their teams to handle them better. So, you end up attending every meeting to understand the project in detail. By the time you assign the tasks to your team members, you seem to know all the answers to their queries. Since you already have the idea of how the project should turn out to be, you turn blind to any suggestions that the teammates might have.

The Solution

You can prevent these three project management blunders by giving the team space to experiment, brainstorm, and come up with a solution on their own. Instead of ordering tasks to people, ask them to find out how they can achieve the result. Do not depend on rationality and micromanagement to manage your team. Try out compassion, innovation, challenges, vision, and team bonding.

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