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7 Fresh Moves to Find Rare Talent in the IT Industry

The IT industry has limited top performers that have experience and skills. To beat the rising market competition, settling for less is not advisable. So, how does talent agents identify industry genius?

In this article at CIO, John Edwards explains how hiring a skilled IT professional is as challenging as digging for gold. IT leaders must have a clear vision and diligence to identify the best resource.

Need for a Proactive Approach

Relying on job portal postings or LinkedIn may not suffice the purpose. A practical approach towards talent acquisition keeps you in the competition and helps you find the right talent. Follow these steps to give rest to your hunt for the best:

Persuade Existing Staff

Get references from your current employees to help you find a qualified candidate. Professionals always maintain a network in the industry and reach the best professionals. Paid referral scheme can help you better than spreading words about the current opening.

Virtual Connection

Since job fairs and networking events are on hold for now, virtual mediums are the best way to reach qualified job seekers. Take online video interviews to analyze the interpersonal and soft skills of candidates.

Internal Training Programs

A traditional yet feasible approach that works best for big enterprises is to develop a consistent hiring funnel. The idea is to train existing resources on the job by allowing them to work closely with experienced managers.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is a common practice used by IT professionals to gain insights about ongoing industry trends and customer preferences. Nonetheless, very few firms use it to monitor current hiring trends. It helps you form a refined recruitment strategy and source top industry talents only.

Collaborate with Local Communities

Proactive enterprises know the importance of finding and retaining the best employees. So, they conduct college campus recruitments and initiate tie-ups with business associates and research hubs. These practices help you find reliable resources.

On-the-Job Perks

You can attract talented candidates by offering them additional on-the-job perks apart from their annual pay package. About 60 percent of employees prefer less salary for better job benefits and employment policies. Offer them skill development training, year-on-year promotion, private healthcare facility for family, or additional paternity benefits.

Embrace Consistent Approach

Successful IT leaders never give up on trying. They also leave a good impression on the candidates by making them feel comfortable during the recruitment process. You can also adopt the same approach. Grab a cup of coffee with potential candidates or stay in touch with them to absorb them in the future. The strategy helps you network with prospective applicants within the industry.

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