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5 Focus Areas to Improve Employee Growth

Employee growth is necessary for companies to thrive. They need the next line of resources ready to fill up the positions when people leave or retire. As a project manager, one of your tasks is to help your company maintain the same capabilities. It is your job to create resources that can lead, manage, and provide technical expertise. In this article at the IT Manager’s Inbox, Sam Grier shares five focus areas to improve employee growth.

Critical Elements of Employee Growth

Project managers must create development models based on the present skill set of teams. Understand their interest areas, their improvement needs, and dedicate yourself to compiling a growth map for them. Here are the five focus areas you should concentrate on for employee growth:

Have Regular Coaching Sessions

To have a consistent and healthy employee growth curve, coach them regularly. Daily, weekly, or monthly—it depends on you and the staff. Start by discussing what they need to work on. Set expectations and goals that both of you agree to. Create a growth model and regular checkpoints to discuss progress status.

Instruct Them

Staff might be facing some personal issues that are hampering their work improvement plans. They might be under invisible stress that nobody noticed. Sit down and find solutions. If they are finding it difficult to follow your training, pause, and clarify the doubts.

Guide Their Development

For a successful employee growth, you must mentor them thoroughly. Apart from giving them access to learning new skills, encourage them when they fail to grasp a concept first. Show what your plan is for their growth in the company to motivate them further.

Instruct Must-have Skills

Employee growth is based on four essential soft skills. Teach them the lessons you have gathered so far. They should have the ability to communicate better, have social skills, learn how to solve issues, and follow company guidelines.

Conduct Training Sessions

Employees must learn new skills as the company grows. Encourage them to imbibe new technical capabilities to survive in their job.

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