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Voice over Internet Protocol: A Robust ITSM Solution for Best Customer-Employee Experience

Amid the havoc created by coronavirus outbreak, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system for internal users is a blessing in menace.

In this article at bizEdge, the author explains the significance of a VoIP system for those who are less aware of it. VoIP is a flexible and scalable online voice solution that can give complete visibility and control over the team communication.

Merits of VoIP

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, various IT service management professionals are using it to extend better customer or employee experience. It gives you specifications of the call costs without imposing a significant modification in the device or maintenance cost. Users can deploy softphone VoIP remotely without any technical assistance. These online voice solutions can have other advantages for the ITSM teams. Take a look:


The service management professionals can easily connect and coordinate with potential clients. The VoIP systems allow you to simply connect your VoIP-enabled phones with the home router and efficiently address customer inquiries. Employees can also use it with the help of an active internet connection at any remote location. You can try Cloud PABX to make or receive hassle-free calls.


With seamless connectivity, professionals can sustain a business network with the clients, vendors, and teams without re-routing or temporarily changing contact numbers. The VoIP solution enables you to maintain business stability with a click of a button with zero risk of a security breach.

Happy Customers

Since all customers are not well-versed with the advanced communication or automated solutions, VoIP supports conventional tools too. The cloud-based system enables users to update outgoing customer messages, notify office holidays, or other updates to the customers.

Installation Options

An effective VoIP solution allows users to deploy pre-configured hardware at any remote location. It means the users can easily plug it and set up a VoIP system at home following a list of instructions. Not only for hardware, VoIP solution is feasible for smartphones too. The onsite technicians are always available to install, set up, and walk you through its usage without any additional charge.

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