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Senior Leaders, Here’s How You Can Support Your CEOs Now

Leading an organization as a CEO is definitely a challenging endeavor. No matter how brilliant a strategy is, CEOs will always lose out to a team if they play a solo game. Therefore, senior leaders of the organization must understand and support their CEO’s goals for the company. In this article at Forbes, Elizabeth Freedman provides tips on how senior leaders can help their CEOs right now.

What Should You Do to Help Your CEO?

Understand CEOs Perspective

Though a company has a stated goal, the CEO might have a more personal way of evaluating them. Understand that perspective is crucial. Additionally, discuss the company-wide goal with the CEO through a face-to-face meeting.

Know their Leadership Style

The objectives of the CEO can be best understood when you know his/her approach to leadership. Having this basic knowledge will provide you with an insight into what’s most valued by your CEO. It can result in better strategic alignment and communication, ultimately creating efficiency within the company.

Be Agile

Senior leaders must hold conversations with the CEO and discuss the shifting dynamics in the marketplace. These discussions will help to adapt to changes quickly in a competitive environment. You must be nimble and respond accordingly.

Be Empathic

Step into your CEO’s shoes. “Leaders have wisdom and expertise that their CEOs and companies can greatly benefit from, but to do that, fact-only messages won’t get the job done,” says Elizebeth. As a senior leader, you must go beyond the words of CEOs and listen to what is unspoken. By communicating the unspoken words, leaders can have a significant impact on the strategies, as everyone – including the CEO – feels heard.

Click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/elizabethfreedman/2020/04/20/the-number-one-thing-ceos-need-from-their-leaders-right-now/?ss=leadership-strategy#28ba49064827 to read the full article.

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