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Say These Words to Inspire Your Team

Words have great power, don’t they? As a project manager, the words you use for your teammates will have a more profound impact than you realize. Well, it can inspire or incinerate. In this article at Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall provides questions and phrases top project managers must say to empower their teams.

Remember, Your Words Matter

As a project manager, start your day by asking one right question or telling a phrase to your team members and witness how this habit will revitalize your team.

‘What Can We Learn from This Failure?’

Many times, project managers dive in with their narration when things go wrong. As a project manager, when your team faces obstacles during the project execution, turn from lecturing to listening, telling to teaching, and chastising to coaching. Getting your team members’ perspectives by asking insightful questions will go a long way in turning the tough moments into an opportunity for people to grow.

‘Tell Me What I Should Learn to Help You Succeed’

Take time to understand more about your people than their job titles. As a project manager, you must create opportunities for your team members to grow individually. For instance, a programmer in your team might have a creative side that they want to express. By exploring his/her career at a deeper level, you can create a new standard for excellence.

How Can We Focus on Personal Growth?’

Encourage personal growth of your team members in the form of networking, training, and performance development. Buy your teammates a good business or technical book that will help inspire them to continue learning.

‘How Can We Earn Respect?’

Everyone loves recognition. Some people become addicted to recognition and crave for company awards. Recognition can become very “I” focused. Therefore, train your employees on the value of respect over recognition. When co-workers respect you, it does more to create a positive outcome for the team than an award. Set an example as a leader and help others learn the value of respect.

Your choice of words will certainly recharge your teams to perform at their highest capacity. Breathe life into your team and watch for great results. To read the full article, click on

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