Is the CIO Role in Danger? Here are 5 Traits to Save it

Indeed, technological evolution has given birth to a range of newer opportunities to thrive at a much rapid pace. The impact of these evolving technologies does not just change the way businesses or organizations grow, but it has a significant impact on the role of a CIO.

In this article at Intelligent CIO, Alix Pressley explains that the CIO role is undergoing an existential crisis. There is a big question mark over the CIO’s need in the organization.

Time to Adapt or Become History

To maintain their position high in the organization, the CIOs must deepen their awareness of DevOps, Data Analytics, and other promising areas of IT development. Now, even after adapting to the new technologies, there is no guarantee that the CIO’s position will remain secure in the organization. To maintain influence, the CIOs must stand out in the crowd with the help of these business traits:

Be the Transformer

The role of a CIO is to observe and upgrade the technical efficiency of the organization. Advanced technology can transform the business and only a CIO can take the bold step of transforming the existing system. You must have the nerve to take the risk and bring desired changes into the organization.

Be Realistic

To maintain your position in the organization, act as a realist and confidently negotiate whenever required. You must withstand the sophisticated technologies to indicate that they are just a backup plan, not the perfect solution.

Remain Stable

Instead of switching from one company to another, stick to make the best use of the existing opportunity and hone your skills. Often, organizations observe the pattern set by the CIOs and pass the role to other skilled professionals to make it worth the investment.

Build Relationship

Once a back office department, the strategic transformation has made IT a vital part of decision-making process. Now, even the CIOs play a significant role in boosting company growth by bringing advance IT solutions to the table. They are bound to maintain the customer relationship and professional networking with other leaders. So, focus on improving your soft skills to develop a better understanding with your stakeholders.

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