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How to Remain Productive When Working Remotely?

Today, many organizations across the globe are allowing their employees to work from the comfort of their own. Studies have reported that employees have witnessed a nearly 13.5% increase in productivity. However, remote working has its challenges and distractions. How can you benefit from your time spent working at home?

In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Sarah Pope provides key considerations to help the remote team succeed in their new reality – and come out stronger.

Best Practices for Remote Teams

Maintaining Connection with Co-Workers

Often professionals complain, “I miss those jokes with my co-workers that helped me deal with work anxiety and tedious tasks.” Step away from your desk to clear your mind. Take those short breaks to go for a walk or clean the house.

Stay on Track

Replicate your office experience as tightly as you can when working from home. Structure your day as you would do at office – from taking breaks to signing off around the same time you usually would. Try to set up your workplace very similar to your office work station. Never change your routine just because you are working from home.

Take Care of Yourself

Do physical exercises every day – preferably something that improves your posture. Set aside your work for a little while and take a real lunch break. A break helps in resting your eyes. Additionally, stop looking at social networking sites by setting your phone aside.

Avoid Distractions

When you are working from home, how can you avoid the temptation to pop social media sites every 5 minutes? With no colleagues or partners nearby, it’s easy to become distracted. So, stay focused on work and limit your time spent on emails and websites unrelated to work.

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