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How Should CIOs Lead Teams Remotely?

As a result of rapid and necessary workplace adjustments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are implementing remote work and virtual teams for the first time. However, many CIOs are struggling to stay aligned, communicate effectively, and achieve desired goals. This new way of work has been hard.

In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Abbas Faiq shares some useful tips on building trust, motivating employees, and encouraging collaboration while working remotely.

How Should You Adjust Your Approach?

Be Accessible

Often, CIOs and employees have a weekly standing call. As a leader, be accessible during specific hours or always by cell phone during an emergency. This is important if employees face time zone challenges for communicating. Following through and reverting instantly to your team members builds trust. Besides, schedule one-on-one calls with your team members each week and create a group chat system so that your employees can reach you and collaborate with you.

Respect Employees

As a CIO, you must encourage the managers to respect their employees’ work hours. You must ensure that managers do not send emails to employees on weekends unless it is critical. Additionally, you must also understand that employees have different schedules, especially if they are working in different time zones.

Hire Carefully

Ask potential employees if they have worked remotely earlier during the hiring process. Ask them how they will manage the logistics if you hold them accountable for their work. As a CIO, you must clearly explain how often you expect updates. Establish work hours and other details in writing. This eliminates the need to micromanage with constant-check-ins later.

Your role as a CIO is to create a positive environment for your remote workers. Focus on building a flexible working environment that can accommodate a range of different preferences. To learn more, click on

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