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How Does an Ineffective Leader Impact a Team?

Bad behavior at work will lead to negative consequences. People who experience workplace rudeness suffer more physical and mental health problems and are more likely to quit their jobs. In this article at Business News Daily, the author explains how leadership behavior impacts the work culture.

Impact of a Leader’s Misbehavior on Employees

As the adage goes, ”People are hired for their talents and fired for their behavior.” The responsibility lies on leaders to ensure that team members are working together towards a collective goal. In fact, leaders are a valuable part of any business. However, poor leadership is a huge liability. The behavior and actions of a power-hungry boss will damage a company’s culture. Let’s take a look at the impact of leaders’ lousy behavior on employees.

Loss of Motivation

Verbal and emotional abuse in the workplace will harm the morale and performance of employees. Studies have reported that employees develop a minimal commitment to their tasks. Further, employees lose motivation to come up with innovative ideas due to poor leadership, that translates to low productivity.

Lack of Ownership among Employees

Most abusive bosses make their employees feel indifferent about taking responsibility for their roles within the company. They also fail to be transparent to his/her employees.

Negative Workplace Environment

Negative attitudes will cause employees to become more cynical about their work. Leaders with a negative attitude prevent employees from growing because their leadership style does not promote positive thinking. This low morale will gradually spread across the organization, and the consequences will be devastating.

How to Overcome Toxic Behaviors?

“While there are no written laws specific to verbal and emotional abuse in the workplace, regulations from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act require business owners to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees,” says the author. Employees must report the toxic behavior of leaders or managers to human resource executive or upper management. Further, workers must keep records of all communication with that person before filing a complaint.

Read the full article, click on https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/9930-leaders-abuse-power.html.

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