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Distributed Team Model: A Vital Need of the Hour for Future Growth

Reinforced by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the distributed team model has transformed the general work operations. Anonymous modifications in business priorities, the agile approach of working and, of course, the virtual communication channels, everything has become a prerequisite.

In this article at the TechRepublic, Moira Alexander explains that organizations following the conventional practices of work must embrace remote work culture. A distributed network helps attract high performers and top industry talents.

Upgraded Work Life

By offering less stressful, high-paying professional life, gain the position of an ideal organization and get better employee buy-in. The transformation will reflect on staff productivity and the recruitment cost.

According to a 2019 State of Remote Work report by OWLLabs, about 62 percent of organizations are open to distributed work culture. They are known as ‘hybrid’ firms. In such enterprises, about 48 percent of employees work from remote locations once a week. Nonetheless, only 30 percent of staff contributes from a distributed channel regularly.

Now, as the trend gained popularity amid coronavirus global shutdown, more organizations are expected to implement the distributed team model. About 62 percent of organizations have already executed it, as suggested by the report.

Reasons for adoption

Those who are still in a dilemma, they must learn about the benefits of hiring a distributed workforce first and then adopt the model. Here are five reasons to consider before hiring a distributed team.

  • The distributed team model will help you tap into a larger pool of talents and recruit skilled professionals.
  • You can reduce operating cost by not paying rent or maintenance cost of commercial spaces. Moreover, you can save funds allocated for other related necessities and expenses.
  • Distributed work culture leads to less employee burnout and improved job satisfaction.
  • Employees can bring higher revenue after getting work satisfaction and remarkable work-life balance.

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