CIOs Guidebook: Leave a Mark by Efficiently Leading Through a Crisis

At the initial phase of the coronavirus outbreak, all working professionals were affected by the sudden work adjustments. Nonetheless, the CIOs felt the heat more than others.

In this article at CIO, Esther Shein shares tips from leading CIOs to save those who are swamped by the ongoing economic crisis.

Use of Technology

Virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) come to the rescue of CIOs as they organize and manage crucial tasks without any hassles. Apart from technology, IT leaders reformed their leadership approach to overcome the supply crunch. Here is what you should learn from their experiences:

The Pursuit of Staff Safety

Dave Smithers, CIO and COO of IDB, underlines that staff health and safety is paramount. So, the HRs are using a notification protocol to track employee health. Smithers personally follow up on staff well-being from the senior leaders. Also, he emphasized on work flexibility to help employees maintain work-life balance amid lockdown.

Constant Support and Commitment

Jack O’Hara, CIO of Springfield Clinic, relies on small vendors for seamless customer service. Advanced technology and right communication tools not only resolve operational issues but also staff health, because they can coordinate from home.

Improved Communication

For the newly appointed CIOs, the biggest challenge is to get familiar with the system. However, those who got the role recently, they deal with other challenges. Matt Lamb, CIO of Rosendin, believes communication is crucial in a crisis. Just by upgrading the channel of interaction, Lamb and his team managed frequent collaboration with potential clients across the globe.

Revamp Velocity and Act Smart

Laura Wilt, System VP and CIO of Ochsner Health, Louisiana, suggests taking prompt actions to control the catastrophe. The minute outbreak happened, the hospital staff initiated a around-the-clock healthcare coverage. They also opened a new unit to offer critical care services. All this was impossible without technical advancement. Her team has launched an incident command center to integrate clear communication and extended rapid response units to address patient queries.

Based-on their first-hand experiences, the CIOs believe that you cannot estimate the worth of the right technology until you invest in or use it.

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