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Tips for Project Managers to Safeguard Their Projects from Cyber Threats

A successful project manager must have a variety of skillset – risk management, people management, time management, and budgeting – to successfully manage a project. However, there is another area within project management that intimidates many project managers. That’s cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is one area that project managers cannot afford to overlook even if they are not directly involved in securing the system. In this article at PMTips, Anna Zvada provides insights into how a project manager must deal with essential aspects of project planning and implementation.

Steps to Integrate Security at Every Stage

Technical Plan

Resource management and planning are affected by the nature of cybersecurity threats and their consequences. “A project manager outlines the cycle of the project, determining which objectives are first, second, and third priorities and how much time will be invested to achieve each of them,” explains Anna. The project manager must map out the execution of the project and determine specific activities that lead to meeting the goal.

Focus on Security at Every Stage

Security breaches cost not only a handsome amount of money to rectify but also cause long-term damage to a company’s reputation and brand. Therefore, project managers must be aware of the value of their project data, mainly when it includes confidential information or cutting-edge technology. Project managers must ensure that information is protected at all stages of the project, even during the test phases

Training the Team Members

Project managers must ensure that team members are aware of security threats and know how to face potential risks. Teams must be accustomed to using a security policy that describes VPN usage, interaction with clients, and internal communication. Employees must learn to spot a potentially dangerous page. Project managers must “conduct all security educational activities in a digital learning system – a platform for education planning and management,” says Anna.

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