Job Interviews: 4 Tips for Hiring Managers

The candidate interview is a crucial component of the hiring process. Hiring managers and human resource professionals must be well-informed on how to conduct interviews effectively to hire the most qualified candidate. Be it face-to-face, panel interviews, or telephonic interviews, hiring managers must follow the basic guidelines to avoid bias in hiring and claims of discrimination. In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Mark Runyon lists some dos and don’ts for hiring managers.

Dos and Don’ts of Conducting an Interview

Do Keep the Interview as Casual as Possible

Interviews are not very representative of the everyday working environment. As an interviewer, it is your responsibility to recreate that “everyday” feeling. For instance, grab your interviewee a cup of coffee. Make sure that your conversation is framed as an exploratory or informational session.

Don’t Emphasize on Negative Indicators

As a hiring manager, you may exaggerate several aspects of the job, such as heavy responsibility, high workload, fast-changing environment, too flexible procedures, or management pressure. Emphasizing the negative indicators will frighten the candidate instead of promoting an enthusiastic role. “The last thing any candidate needs is for an interviewer to amp the stress up to eleven. It could well lose you a great candidate,” explains Mark.

Do Watch Nonverbal Signals

Just as you take note of the candidate’s appropriate dress and mannerisms, the candidate looks for the unspoken signals from you. Therefore, ensure that your tone of voice is professional and appropriate. Clearly articulate the company’s mission and duties. Remember that you are your company’s representative, and your actions must reflect thorough professionalism.

Don’t Ask Personal Questions

Never ask intrusive questions. Asking questions about a candidate’s religion, race or gender could put your company in danger. During an interview, candidates may reveal personal information voluntarily. However, ensure not to follow up on the topic and do not consider it when making your hiring choice.

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