How to Avoid Resource Shortage by Keeping the Best for Yourself

Resource shortage has been plaguing several industries, and CIOs are trying their best to retain global talents. From providing the top technologies to enabling work-from-home facilities, IT leaders are leaving no stone unturned. In this article at Information Week, David Sangster shares how to avoid resource shortage by keeping the best for yourself.

IT Leaders and Resource Shortage

There is a limit to the offers of more perks and higher salaries. Instead, look for talents where others are yet to venture and plan creative strategies to attract them. Below are the ways you can keep the best and address resource shortage:

Have Tie-ups with Educational Institutions

Educational institutions like MIT have started offering professional courses like “Ethics of AI” that cater to current business goals. Cloud service providers are also forming partnerships with training schools to get the best resources. Select the schools and institutions based on your immediate and long-term strategic goals. Encourage workshops to familiarize students with your work ethics.

Pick Talents from Unusual Quarters

Senior professionals have survived several industrial changes and shifts in company strategies. For instance, Vetforce, Salesforce’s veteran program, enables military personnel to get jobs in the IT department. Another way to avoid resource shortage is to tap into those dreamers that want to start a career in a new field. New parents are more than willing to do justice should you make the offer.

Ask Befitting Questions

Ask questions that will reveal the personal shortcomings or hidden talents of the candidate. For instance, ask about achievements or failures that they have not showcased in the resume. Their ability to handle unfavorable situations will prove their adaptability to the volatile market.

Offer More Than Just Monetary Benefits

Today’s workforce is not just looking for money. Allow them to grow and genuinely care about their well-being. In-house courses and cross-training can incentivize their stay in the company.

Automate Manual Tasks

Automate processes that would free them up from most of the administrative work. Thanks to the emerging technologies, IT leaders can implement automation on their homegrown systems as well. Integrate isolated systems to streamline process flows and functions.

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